Acne Annihilator Foaming Wash


Acne Annihilator is a therapeutic, soap-free wash that effectively cleanses and treats acne-prone skin without drying or irritating the skin. It will help keep the bacteria under control for any future breakouts.

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Benzoyl Peroxide 5% • Excellent and affordable solution for pediatric, adolescent and adult patients • Great for AM and PM use • Soap-free cleanser thoroughly cleanses acne-prone skin • Fortified with Benzoyl Peroxide USP which provides antibacterial activity against Propionibactrium acnes • Paraben free
Directions Of Use: Apply a moderate amount to wet skin and massage gently. Rinse clean with lukewarm water and towel dry.  Use twice daily.
Key Ingredients: Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide.

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