Microfiber SkinSponge


The Microfiber SkinSponge is a  “Must Have” for the ultimate way to clean healthy skin. Also one of the best ways to get rid of those annoying “goose bumps”  found on your arms and legs. Simply use moist with a drop of cleaner and rub them away gently.

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This is a “MUST HAVE” product for all skin types if you are looking for the best outcome to completely cleaning your skin. Once you use the “SkinSponge”, you wonder how you ever lived without it. This microfiber sponge is made with “Nano” technology so bacteria will not grow on the sponge. You can use it with or without water and with or without soap and still have cleaner skin then washing with soap. The microfiber in the SkinSponge is super fine, highly absorbent and super effective in picking up and removing soil and dead debris from the skin. Another beauty of this fabulous sponge is that it will take off all of your makeup and debris with or without water so you can keep it on your bedside table and simply wipe your face before you go off to sleep knowing that your skin is clean. It also leaves your skin super smooth. If you want to up your game, get it wet with warm water and add your own personal cleanser on it and now you have an extra (double) cleaning ability and exfoliant to your routine depending on how strong you use it. So it is also an excellent exfoliator as well depending on the technique you use while using it.

Directions of use: May be used dry or moist on skin. Lightly rub on skin (the stronger you rub, the more you exfoliate). A light to medium rub is enough to remove all makeup and debris.

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