Weekly Peel Pads Medical Strength


No need to go to the Doctor anymore for a professional Chemical Peel, you can now do it to yourself! This is the highest quality of peel pads on the market today with results that are seen immediately.



So….when I received such “Fabulous” results with my Daily Peel Pads, I said to myself, let’s make it stronger! That’s what I did, this is by far the absolute BEST Medical Strength Peeling Pad on the market today. This is the same level of peel you would big bucks for from a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist. It is very strong and get’s the job done. Fresh, young looking skin is one of the keys to looking good and staying young… Weekly Peel Pads have what what it takes to get your skin healthy and glowing right away.
 Just how does this product do such an amazing job? Well, to start the trilogy of acids in this product increases the fibroblast stimulation for additional collagen deposition wherever you use the pads (face, arms legs etc…). Treatment makes the skin more receptive to any products or treatments you are using at the time. The concentration of acids in this proprietary formulation are glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid. It is a highly effective product that also makes beneficial changes to the texture and appearance of the skin. Lactic Acid helps to moisturize the surface layer of the skin, and gently exfoliates it to create a smoother and more supple skin. Glycolic Acid is the most widely used alpha hydroxy acid, because of its small molecular size. It is proven to be extremely effective in treating many different types of skin problems including hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. It causes mild to moderate exfoliation. Salicylic Acid comes from willow bark, and is stronger than Glycolic Acid. It achieves more peeling. Salicylic Acid is primarily used for acne; but is also very effective for anti-aging regimes.[/box]

Directions of use: It is suggested that you start with the Daily Peel Pads so your skin can build up a tolerance to the Weekly pads. The Weekly pads are double the strength of the Daily pads. They are for a skin that is already in a healthy state. You can use them once a week on clean skin at night before bed and follow up with your night routine after the pads. If your skin can tolerate the one night a week, you can increase your usage to as many nights as your skin may tolerate it. The goal is to achieve healthy skin, so your skin will let you know when it needs it again by simply watching and listening to what your skin is telling you.
Ingredients: Active: Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid with a proprietary compounded strength of the acids. Inactive: SD Alcohol, Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Polysorbate 20, Simethicone, DMDM hydantoin. 60pads

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