Bringing Youth Back

to skin

Delivering skincare solutions for more than 20 years

Bringing Youth Back to Skin

Bringing Youth Back

to Skin

Delivering skincare solutions for more than 20 years

About The Duchess of Dermis

The Duchess of Dermis is a 100% virtual, woman-owned, socially aware company. We are purely Duchess driven!

The Duchess envisions a world where every human being has the opportunity to gain information and knowledge to apply and improve the very quality of their lives. She hopes that she can enrich and empower people to create the change they want to see.

Being in business for more than 20 years, she has the experience when it comes to all things anti-aging skincare and cosmetic lasers. Her knowledge, along with her desire and passion to find answers for acne scar sufferers, led her to YouTube. It now has become her main platform to reach out and share her own story.

YouTube has given her the ability to educate and demonstrate actual procedures to everyone who needs to know. She shares her techniques and tools on how you can change your skin through proven methods right in your own home.

#HERETOSHARE is one of the Duchess’s guiding philosophies.