Jojoba & Aloe Body Mist


A perfect balanced combination for a skin moisturizer. Simply spray all over the face and body right after the shower or bath. Soothing support for all skin types. This liquid gold soother absorbs deeply leaving skin extra soft, mirroring the skin’s own natural oils.

• Jojoba soothes and moisturizes the skin
• Keeps skin from looking oily
• Prevents acne caused by clogged pores
• The aloe soothes skin from being sun burned
• Relieves skin irritation
• Adds moisture
• Treats cold sores
• Slows signs of aging
• Prevents dark spots
• Lightly exfoliates
How To Use: Spray all over the face and body after you shower or bathe. Can also spray on face throughout the day to refresh and tone your skin. If wearing makeup, you can spray on top as a setting spray. Use as much as needed daily to sooth the skin.

Key Ingredients: aloe vera, jojoba oil,

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